Years Outline
Mar.1902 Founded by Heitaro Narasaki under private management (March 1)
Engaged in cargo handling in Muroran Port, the shipping business and ship agent operations
Subsequently started a shipbuilding business (1907) and maritime transportation operations (1908)
Oct.1928 Reorganized as a corporate organization and established Narasaki Shoten
Sep.1935 Shipbuilding Department was split-off and K.K. Narasaki Shipbuilding & Iron Works (Narasaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.) was established
Apr.1936 Muroran Coal Company (Narasaki Trading) established
Oct.1943 Muroran Marine Transportation, Narasaki Shoten's main operation, was absorbed by Muroran Coal Port Transport Company as a result of the port transport consolidation decree, and accordingly port transportation operations were suspended and Narasaki Shoten merged with Narasaki Trading to form Narasaki Sangyo Kaiun Co., Ltd.
May1946 Tokyo branch office (currently, headquarters) opened
Jun.1946 Sapporo branch office opened
Oct.1946 Asahikawa branch office opened
Apr.1947 Became specified agent for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Iwaki Cement Co., Ltd. (Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.)
Apr.1949 Became specified agent for Mitsubishi Oil Co., Ltd. (ENEOS Corporation)
Apr.1949 Sendai branch office opened
May 1949 Obihiro branch office opened
May 1954 Became specified agent for Fuji Cement Corporation (NIPPON STEEL CEMENT Co., Ltd.)
Mar.1958 Tomakomai branch office opened
May 1961 Osaka sales office opened
Jan.1962 Representative office opened in Nagoya
Feb.1963 Changed trade name to Narasaki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Apr.1963 Listed stocks in second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Sapporo Stock Exchange
May 1968 Integrated Asahikawa Narasaki Sekiyu Co., Ltd. (established June 1961), Tokyo Narasaki Sekiyu Co., Ltd. (established August 1962), Sapporo Narasaki Sekiyu Co., Ltd. (established November 1962), and Muroran Narasaki Sekiyu Co., Ltd. (established April 1967) to form a new business under the trade name Narasaki Sekiyu Trading Co., Ltd. (currently, Narasaki Sekiyu Co., Ltd.)
Apr.1972 Fukuoka sales office opened
Apr.1973 Morioka sales office opened
Apr.1974 Koriyama sales office opened
Apr.1984 Integrated Narasaki Koun Co., Ltd. (established February 1969), Tomakomai Narasaki Koun Co., Ltd. (established June 1966), and Narasaki Unyu Co., Ltd. (established May 1960), and transferred the business of the multi transportation department to form a new business under the trade name Narasaki Sogo Unyu Co., Ltd.
Oct.1989 Yokohama sales office opened
Feb.1991 SS Department of the sales segment of Narasaki Sekiyu Trading Co., Ltd. split-off and became independent, and Narasaki Sekiyu Co., Ltd. was established
Oct.1991 Integrated Transportation Department with Narasaki Sogo Unyu Co., Ltd. (currently, Narasaki stax Co., Ltd.), merged with Narasaki Sekiyu Trading Co., Ltd. and established the fuel department
Feb.2002 Yamanashi sales office opened
Oct.2002 Trade name was changed to Narasaki Sangyo Co., Ltd. (October 1)
Jun.2004 Representative office opened in Shanghai
Feb.2006 Local company, Narasaki Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. opened in China
Sep.2008 East Kanto sales office opened
Sep.2011 West Kanto sales office opened
Sep.2011 Tokyo headquarters moved
Apr.2012 Shizuoka sales office opened
Aug.2012 Representative office opened in Hanoi
Jul.2013 Local company, Narasaki Vietnam Co., Ltd., opened in Vietnam
Sep.2013 Ibaraki sales office opened
May 2018 East Kanto sales office moved (Mito city, Ibaraki)
Mar 2020 Kyushu sales office moved (Fukuoka city, Fukuoka)
Mar 2021 Ibaraki sales office was merged with East Kanto sales office
Apr.2022 The company’s stocks were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market following the reorganization of the market division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.