Medium-term Management Plan


The Narasaki Sangyo Group established the three-year medium-term management plan “Dash Forward 2023,” for which fiscal 2023 is the final year of the plan.
Amid dramatic changes to the business environment, we will reach the next stage of quality as a company by steadily implementing basic strategies stated in our medium-term management plan under the theme of “develop the sensitivity of all employees and advance reforms, and continue to grow as a company by establishing new fields/new businesses.”
Furthermore, we will continue to place complete compliance and the perfection of our corporate governance as our most important tasks and we are building up our company group to be one that is trusted by all of our stakeholders and society.

ナラサキ産業 株式会社 代表取締役社長  中村 克久

Achievements under previous medium-term management plan

Overview of medium-term management plan

Basic policy

◇ Promotion of growth strategy  ◇ Strengthening competitiveness through business collaboration  ◇ Strengthening management foundation

  • To strengthen cooperation between business departments and exercise the Group’s comprehensive strength.
  • To strengthen core businesses and create new businesses/new fields.
  • To respond to COVID-19 and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.
  • To strengthen financial foundation and thoroughly manage cash flow.
  • To secure and train personnel, reform HR system and reform working style.
  • To completely observe compliance, enhance governance and strengthen ESG initiatives.

Diagram of the medium-term management plan

Numerical objectives

Business strategy by segment

Electric machinery-related business

  • Expand the smart solution business
  • Secure steady business development through strengthening ties with manufactures, and secure a firm position through relationships with them
  • Strengthen and expand the air cooling business, and total proposal for ZEB
  • Create new next-generation businesses
  • Strengthen digital marketing
  • Strengthen and enhance domestic regional strategies, and strengthen overseas business foundation

Machinery-related business

  • Strengthen and expand food-related business sector
  • Strengthen collaboration with partner companies
  • Strengthen regional strategies
  • Strengthen initiatives for environmental business
  • Strengthen the maintenance service business
  • Enhance construction system

Construction materials and energy-related business

  • Strengthen Tokyo metropolitan area redevelopment, national resilience and response to disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction
  • Strengthen collaboration with partner companies
  • Enhance environmentally conscious building products
  • Strengthen the sales foundation in the energy business
  • Strengthen initiatives for the lubricating oil and power retailing business and respond to decarbonization
  • Business operations of construction machinery field, which is primarily engaged in the road, pumping and snow-clearing businesses, and collaboration with manufacturers

Maritime transportation-related business

  • Improve productivity by focusing resources to improve specific businesses, and increasing efficiency
  • Promote differentiation through the provision of high-quality services centered around the port business
  • Create new businesses that utilize strengths
  • Expand operations through acquisition of new cargoes
  • Revise rates appropriately and reduce costs
  • Boost initiatives in the safety, health and environment fields

CSR strategy, financial strategy and HR strategy

[CSR strategy]

  • Complete compliance
  • Perfection of corporate governance
  • Strengthening ESG initiatives

[Financial strategy]

  • Improvement of the financial structure
  • Creation of steady operating cash flow
  • Effective use of management resources

[HR strategy]

  • Securing and training of personnel
  • Reform of HR system
  • Reform of working styles