Our Business

Our Business

Electric machinery and equipment

As an agent of Mitsubishi Electric, the Machinery Department sells key Factory Automation components for factories, as well as a wide range of machinery adapted to greater flexibility in the power supply for the information network and building equipment. The department also offers optimal solutions for the construction of various systems.

Moreover, we meet customers' wide-ranging needs with everything from measuring and monitoring supervisory control equipment to help prevent global warming, to energy conservation proposals and construction through the renovation of air conditioning inverters.

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Building equipment

As an agent of Mitsubishi Electric and other prominent specialty manufacturers, the Facility Department provides a wide range of facility systems in the building equipment industry, including optimal air conditioning and sanitation equipment, freezing and refrigerating equipment, elevators, power receiving/transforming facilities, emergency home power generators, permanent power supply systems, parking lot equipment, large-scale mapping devices, building management systems, and security systems. In addition, the Facility Department addresses customers' diverse needs by providing more efficient environment-friendly energy-saving systems.

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FA and high-performance materials

The FA Department provides optimal, total FA solutions and a foundry business by working with customers to analyze and examine the issues they face and their needs. The department aims to serve as the ideal partner in the micro- and ultra-precision processing and high-performance material development field.

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Industrial equipment and agricultural implements

This department provides the best system to resolve customers' problems in the general industrial equipment sector, including manufacturing process equipment for food and industrial products, utility equipment, and systems to streamline various product packaging.

In the agricultural sector, the department provides everything needed to enhance the quality and added value of agricultural products, from the planning stage to the design and implementation stage as relates to production, freshness preservation, storage and processing. The department also proposes systems to prevent global warming and encourage a cyclical society in order to contribute to society.

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Construction machinery

The Construction Machinery Department helps to overcome various problems and complete projects with its broad range of construction machinery and systems, plus long years of experience and comprehensive expertise, in order to promote a prosperous urban environment and national construction.

This department aspires to play a helpful role in streamlining work and saving energy in construction and engineering work, improving productivity and safety, and providing customers with eco-friendly, cutting-edge equipment.

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Construction materials

Now that structures are becoming more massive and are typically equipped with computer intelligence, construction materials must be of higher quality and greater diversity. The Construction Materials Department has established a flawless system to meet this era's requirements and provide a more wide-ranging supply of materials in a timely manner, and also makes recommendations for the development of beautiful communities in harmony with the environment.

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The Energy Department's mainstay is the stable supply of petroleum products to industry and households. The department also sets up networks that can respond in a timely and thorough manner based on the application. The department can supply products overseas through land transportation and maritime transportation. We believe that a stable supply of energy is a crucial mission that we must accomplish.

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